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Our finishes are low maintenance and offer exceptional longevity and abrasion resistance. Unlike paint, anodized metals do not chip or peel. In addition, both clear coatings and two-stage finishes offer excellent UV resistance. This equates to a colourfast finish that is both repeatable and reliable. Additionally, anodized aluminum will not show fingerprints and will resist scratching during fabrication, installation and cleaning, offering a durable, long-lasting finish. These characteristics make anodizing an excellent choice for high-traffic areas – such as doors and railings – where hardness and abrasion-resistance properties are vital.


An alternative to caustic etching, acid etching uses fluoride-based ions to modify the surface of aluminum. This method creates a finished product that has a more consistent matte finish and offers better corrosion resistance. Additionally, because this process produces less waste, it is the more environmentally-friendly etching option.

Electrolytic Colouring

Also called two step or two stage colouring, anodized aluminum parts are immersed in an electrolyte bath. This electrolyte bath contains metal salts which are deposited into the coating.  An electrical current is then passed through the solution which causes the metal salts to change from a champagne-coloured finish to standard bronze, all the way through to black – and everything in between.

Resulting Oxide Layer

Following the electrolytic colouring process, the resulting oxide layer is corrosion resistant and is extremely hard; it will not chip, flake or peel, providing the utmost in durability. Due to these properties, anodizing continues to be a popular finishing choice for a range of applications including architectural and marine products, office furniture, lighting, electronics – and more.

standard Colours


Light Bronze


2-Stage Black

Anodizing metals will

Improve Durability and Lifespan



Anodized products have an extremely long life span and offer significant economic advantages due to their low maintenance and operational savings.



The reactions that occur during anodizing cause the finish to integrate with the underlying aluminum, creating an uncompromising bond and unmatched adhesion.


colour stability

Exterior anodic coatings provide excellent UV stability, do not chip or peel and are easily repeatable.



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