Benefits of Anodizing

Anodizing is an environmentally safe electrochemical process that converts an aluminum surface into porous aluminum oxide, creating an end product that is both durable and weather resistant

Anodizing metals will

Improve Durability and Lifespan


SAlt-spray resistance

Anodized aluminum is resistant to corrosion caused by a variety of weather elements.


Abrasion Resistance

Hardness and abrasion resistance are amplified through the anodizing process.


colour retention

With excellent colour retention, anodized aluminum finishes stand the test of time

Friendly to the Environment

Anodizing is an excellent way to enhance aluminum’s already inherent environmental benefits. Its corrosion resistant finish aids in preserving the life of the product, and the process itself is water based and uses no VOCs. Any waste that is produced during the anodizing process is landfill safe.

Dependable anodizing’s

Performance Warranty

We understand the peace of mind that comes with a product performance guarantee. We offer standard warranties from 1-5 years on our architectural coatings.

In some cases, project specific extended warranties are available. Please discuss this option with the Dependable sales department prior to placing your order.



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