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Welcome to Dependable Anodizing, one of Canada’s largest and most trusted anodizing companies. We specialize in providing anodized coatings on aluminum extrusions, sheets, formed panels, and fabricated parts. We provide Class I and Class II clear finishes as well as a variety of standard colours.

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Trusted Since 1974 

For over 45 years, we have been providing unique anodizing solutions to the architectural, industrial and commercial markets. With our in-house experts and multiple anodizing lines and facilities, we continually push boundaries to meet even the most complex project requirements.

Committed to Quality

From thickness to colour to seal quality, we understand that every detail matters. Our top-notch finishes and unmatched workmanship ensure that your project will meet or exceed industry standards – every time.

Industry Leader

We pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction, competitive lead times and superior product performance. Our commitment to our customers, alongside our quality assurance, have made us a trusted industry leader for over fifty years.

Finishes Designed to Last

The work we do plays a part in developing a sustainable future. That’s why we produce eco-friendly aluminum finishes that have an expected lifespan for several decades.


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